November 21, 2013

Your New York DWI/DUI Attorney

The state of New York defines DWI/DUI as the charge of driving while your ability is impaired or you are intoxicated. The state of New York pursues DWI/DUI cases aggressively, so having an equally aggressive and experienced Manhattan criminal defense attorney on your side is important to protecting your rights.

New York statutes define a DWI/DUI when the blood alcohol content (BAC) of the driver is .08% and above. The penalties are steep and can include heavy fines, suspension of driver’s license, and even jail time. Underage drivers, people with multiple DUI convictions, and those with a BAC of .18% or higher can face even more serious charges. For example, a second offense within 10 years can result in a felony DWI charge, which usually includes a four-year prison sentence if convicted.

It is also important to know the law used in your arrest.

  1. Is this your first offense? Typically, a repeater offender receives harsher penalties.
  2. What was your BAC level? A rule of thumb is the higher your BAC, the higher the penalties.
  3. Were you accused of a DWI or DUI offense? In some states, including New York, a DUI is considered a lesser charge than DWI.

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