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practice area image The Strazzullo Law & Associates, PLLC has three offices, two satellite offices, and a staff of attorneys to meet your needs. Founded by attorney Salvatore Strazzullo, a first-generation Italian American, our success is the result of vision, hard work, and a dedication to serving our clients.

We understand that our clients want a superior degree of skill and accessibility. When you have a question, you want an answer, not a delay. That is why we offer appointments on weekdays, evenings and weekends, and why we give our clients a cell phone number to reach their attorney at any time, in case of emergency.

We are aggressive advocates for our clients’ interests in negotiations and in court. Contact our New York law offices to schedule a free initial consultation.

Federal/State Criminal or Civil Litigation, General Litigation, Family Law, Elder Law, Commercial & Residential Real Estate Law, Personal Injury Lawsuits, Business transactions or Business Structures, Divorce.

Federal/State Civil Litigation

When you need a skilled litigation attorney in New York, count on the Strazzullo Law & Associates, PLLC. We provide exceptional legal representation to clients facing a wide variety of legal troubles or protecting their legal rights; resolving everything from matters involving defamation, interference of contract, etc. From a Federal law suit to a State claim we take all necessary steps to ensure that our clients are protected.

We are aggressive advocates for our clients’ interests, both in the courtroom and at the negotiating table.

Federal/State Criminal Litigation

When your freedom is at stake, the skilled criminal defense attorneys of the Strazzullo Law & Associates, PLLC in New York will fight to protect your rights. We represent clients facing both felony and misdemeanor charges in state and federal courts. Whether you’ve been charged with embezzlement, securities fraud, DWI or assault, etc. we will fight for you. We have the experience and the will to protect your rights.

For your free consultation, contact our New York law firm today. Complete our online intake form or call us at 1-800-476-9993.

Real Estate Law

With a team of real estate attorneys dedicated exclusively to commercial and residential real estate and condo development, the Strazzullo Law & Associates, PLLC is prepared to respond quickly and effectively to your real estate opportunity. Contact our firm to schedule an appointment for legal help with:

Estate Planning & Probate

Estate planning is valuable for anyone who owns property or a home in New York. A will or living trust allows you to designate who will receive your property, shelter your assets from taxation now and when your estate is distributed, provide for children in your absence, and ensure that elderly family members qualify for Medicaid when they need it. Learn more about how we can help you with estate planning and probate, including:

Family Law

When clients come to the Strazzullo Law & Associates, PLLC contemplating divorce, they are looking for solutions and legal guidance through the process. That is what our divorce attorney provides. Whether you use mediation or take your case to family court, we ensure your voice is heard and your interests are protected in decisions involving:

Personal Injury

If you have been seriously injured, or a loved one has died in an accident caused by the reckless or negligent actions of another, you may have a claim for money damages. Contact a personal injury lawyer at Strazzullo Law & Associates, PLLC for legal advice on the steps you should take now to protect your right to make a claim for damages.

Business Law & Corporate Formation

The business law attorneys at the Strazzullo Law & Associates, PLLC work with New York entrepreneurs to establish and organize new business ventures. While limited liability companies are an excellent model for most businesses, we can help you with S-corporation, partnerships, sole proprietorships, or incorporation. Contact our New York law office to learn more about each type of business entity.

1031 Exchanges

The challenges of selling in investment property should require a lawyer that is knowledgeable in making sure your taking advantage of all the laws pertaining to deferring your tax obligation on selling an investment property from a person that is selling a three family that reside in one out of the three units to selling a huge retail and from selling a strip mall to selling an investment condo. At Strazzullo Law firm, we will give you an advice in conjunction with your CPA to plan out the most viable selling solutions possible.

Veronica Molinare, Executive Assistant of Office Affairs

Veronica is the central communication Czar for the Firm…her vast communication skills and presence ensures clarity and dialogue between all aspects of the Firm’s 5 offices. Veronica is a proud Grandmother of her beautiful family and Mother Hen of Strazzullo Law.