NYC store owner suing Gov. Cuomo over looting damage, says cops were told to ‘stand down’

July 10, 2020 – A New York City store owner is suing Gov. Andrew Cuomo, accusing state and city leaders of failing to send in law enforcement to respond to the rioting that happened during recent protests, according to the attorney handling the case. The lawsuit, filed on behalf of Domus Design Center, an interior design business located on Madison Avenue in […]

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Five Myths About Alimony

January 26, 2018

If you are going through a divorce, then it is best for you to hire a New York divorce attorney. Strazzullo Law & Associates, PLLC will make this difficult process go a lot more smoothly for you. They can also answer any questions that you may have about alimony. It is important to note that […]

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First Steps to Dividing Martial Property and Debt

January 12, 2018

No one likes to think about it, but sometimes getting a divorce is the best solution for a bad marriage. Getting a divorce is never pleasant and it often involves a bitter court dispute over the division of property between the two parties. These property disputes are often highly-emotional because a spouse’s judgement can be […]

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What is a Short Sale? And How Do I Buy One?

October 17, 2014

At the Strazzullo Law Firm, our New York attorneys have helped many clients with various aspects of real estate law. Our years of experience put our clients on the right track to good decisions. One of the subjects we often …

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Another High-Profile Client for Sal Strazzullo

September 01, 2014

Some may have seen in recent news, the Strazzullo Law Firm name in the headlines. Attorney Sal Strazzullo represented top Dutch model Roosmarjin de Kok who was accused of shoplifting from a Whole Foods store in Tribeca. As noted in …

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Same-Sex Divorces: Multiple Registrations

July 29, 2014

Ending a relationship is always complicated and emotional. But it may be even more difficult of you and your spouse made multiple legal commitments to each other. For example, if you registered as a domestic partnership in California, then went …

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What is a Prenuptial Agreement?

May 23, 2014

A “prenup” is a contract created by a couple before they get married. It typically lists all of the property each person owns, all of the debt each person has, and specifies what should be done with property rights and …

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The Basics of a Medical Malpractice Claim

April 29, 2014

Our New York law firm, Strazzullo Law Firm, has been representing personal injury claims like medical malpractice, product defects, and car accidents since our beginning in 2001. The rules regarding medical malpractice lawsuits vary from state to state, but here …

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What You Need to Know about Police Brutality

April 15, 2014

At Strazzullo Law Firm, our New York criminal defense lawyers have helped many clients protect their rights during criminal investigations and trials. Sometimes this includes the protection of our clients’ rights against police brutality.   Law enforcement officers are given …

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