Federal / State Criminal Litigation

Federal / State Criminal Litigation

There are two different types of courts: state courts and federal courts. There are main distinctions between the state and federal judicial systems. Strazzullo Law’s qualified New York criminal lawyer knows these differences and can help you with your case whether it’s at the federal or state level:

The major distinction between federal and state courts is jurisdiction. Due to their extensive jurisdiction, state courts routinely deal with cases involving specific individuals, including traffic violations, family disputes, robberies, etc.

The only litigation that state courts are prohibited from hearing is those brought against the United States and those involving certain particular federal statutes, including those relating to criminal, antitrust, bankruptcy, patent, and copyright offenses, as well as some maritime matters.

The scope of a federal court’s jurisdiction is constrained to those matters that are expressly covered by Congress and are enumerated in the Constitution. The majority of criminal prosecutions involve violations of state law and are handled in state court, while cases involving violations of federal statutes can only be tried in federal court.

For instance, robbery is mostly made illegal by state laws rather than federal legislation. The statute that makes it illegal to rob a bank whose accounts are guaranteed by a government agency is one of the few federal laws regarding robbery. Other federal offenses include using U.S. mail to defraud customers and smuggling illegal substances into the country or across state lines crimes conducted on government property (such as military bases or national parks).

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