January 26, 2018

Five Myths About Alimony

If you are going through a divorce, then it is best for you to hire a New York divorce attorney. Strazzullo Law, PLLC will make this difficult process go a lot more smoothly for you. They can also answer any questions that you may have about alimony. It is important to note that there are many myths about alimony.

Myth: Alimony is a Right

Fact: Your spouse is not automatically entitled to alimony. There are several factors that a judge takes into consideration before awarding someone alimony. Some of those factors include the duration of the marriage, the health of the parties and the skills of the spouse who wants alimony.

Myth: Only Women can get Alimony

Fact: Both sexes can get alimony. It is rare for men to be awarded alimony because men typically make more money than women. However, if the woman was the sole provider, then the man may be given alimony.

Myth: Alimony is Guaranteed for Life

Fact: There are many factors that determine how long a person will be able to get alimony. If the supported person becomes self-sufficient, then the alimony payments may be stopped. Additionally, if the supported person does not act in good faith, then the alimony payments may be stopped.

Myth: Alimony is Calculated Based on Gross Income

Fact: Your net income is used to calculate alimony. This is the amount of money that you bring home before taxes. All of your income may not have to be used to calculate alimony. You only have to report the work that you have done for 40 or more hours per week.

Myth: Alimony Will Help the Former Spouse Maintain Their Standard of Living

Fact: Alimony is designed to help you pay for basics, such as food, housing, utilities and transportation. It is not designed to support luxuries, such as trips to the nail salon and gym memberships.

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