Strazzullo Law Firm is here to guide you in filing for divorce in NYC. Especially with matters of child custody and property division involved, you must seek the legal help you need at the soonest possible instance.

Don’t worry if you’re not well-versed on how to file for divorce in NY. Our lawyers are here to help you every step of the way. We understand how emotionally taxing and psychologically exhausting this entire process is, so we guide our clients with empathy and compassion.

Strazzullo Law Firm makes sure to get all the facts straight and dig deep into the different issues raised to have an objective assessment. We work hard to deliver quality legal service so that you can expect nothing but skillful and thoughtful navigation of the case presented before us.

A divorce leads to several impactful consequences, including the custody of the children, the division of conjugal property, and even the capacity of each spouse to maintain their level and quality of living after the divorce.

Ideally, these issues will be resolved in as little time as possible so everyone involved can start moving on with their new lives. Uncontested divorce forms NY can make the whole process a lot easier, although there are instances when one of the spouses pushes back and so causes a delay in the resolution.

Whatever the case, you can count on your lawyers from Strazzullo Law Firm to represent you efficiently, capably, and effectively. We can help with but are not limited to:

  • Separation agreements
  • Child custody & Visitation
  • Child & Spousal support
  • Property settlement

Seek legal help at the soonest possible instance. We need to have a clear picture of the situation so we can suitably prepare for your strategy. Not all divorce cases also have to end up in court. We can also facilitate mediation and settlements between the spouses for a more civil and cordial outcome.

Reach out to Strazzullo Law Firm so we can begin discussing options for strategy. We look forward to helping you go through this difficult time in your life as smoothly and quickly as possible.