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The Personal Touch in New York City Real Estate Law

Fortunes—large and small—are made in New York real estate. Whether you are developing a luxury condo complex or buying your first home, your real estate transaction is extremely important and requires skill, knowledge, and finesse.



At the Strazzullo Law & Associates, PLLC, our experienced real estate lawyers help buyers and sellers achieve their goals. We are a fast-growing New York real estate law firm because we are dedicated to our clients’ success.

We take the time to get to know our clients and what’s important to them. Then we strive to meet their goals and exceed their expectations.

Commercial and condominium real estate developers and business clients value prompt response and fast turnaround, in addition to rigorous attention to detail. The Strazzullo Law & Associates, PLLC maintains a team of lawyers dedicated entirely to commercial real estate matters who can deliver a fast response when you need it. We offer quick, yet thorough preparation of condo books.

Home sellers and home buyers have a variety of needs, but they always value personal attention and guidance in the residential real estate market. Our residential real estate lawyers can help you through the home buying process by:

  • repairing or reviewing your purchase contract for residential property,
  • advising you on financing and title insurance,
  • answering your legal and tax questions, and
  • preparing the documents necessary to complete your purchase or sale.

Worried about capital gains tax on a residential investment property? We have a CPA on staff who can advise you on 1031 exchanges for residential and commercial properties.

Condominium and cooperative housing clients frequently require an attorney with knowledge of both real estate and business law. Our real estate lawyers assist with applications, ensuring the applicant approval process is legal and fair, establishing management structures and bylaws, and providing legal counsel when questions arise in managing the affairs of a condo board or co-op association.

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