Property Division

Property Division

If you’re going through a divorce, property division can be a difficult and sensitive process. You may have questions about what property is considered marital property, how property will be divided, and whether you’ll receive alimony. At Strazzullo Law Firm, we understand the challenges of property division and we’re here to help.

Issues in Property Division
There are many different factors that can contribute to property division issues, including:

  • The value of the property: If you and your spouse have a property that is worth a lot of money, it can be difficult to determine how to divide it fairly.
  • How the property was acquired: If you or your spouse owned property before you got married, it may be considered separate property and not subject to division. However, if you commingled your separate property with marital property, it may be more difficult to keep it separate.

Property Division Process
The property division lawyer at Strazzullo Law Firm can help you in the property division process to determine what property is considered marital property and what property is considered separate property.

Marital property is any property that was acquired during the marriage, regardless of who purchased it. Separate property is any property that was owned by either spouse before the marriage or that was inherited by either spouse during the marriage.

Once you’ve determined what property is marital and what property is separate, you’ll need to value all of the property. This can be done by hiring a professional appraiser or by looking up the value of similar items online.

You’ll then need to decide how to divide it between you and your spouse. This can be done through negotiation, mediation, or arbitration. If you can’t come to an agreement on your own, a judge will make the decision for you.

Property Division Attorney in New York
If you are going through a property division, you need an experienced property division attorney who can help you protect your rights and property. Property division lawyers in New York can help you with the following:

  • Dividing property in a fair and equitable way
  • Negotiating a property settlement
  • Drafting a property settlement agreement
  • Representing you in court if necessary

The New York property division lawyers at Strazzullo Law Firm are experienced in all aspects of property division and can help you get the property settlement you deserve. Call us today to schedule a consultation today and learn more about how we can help you.