Federal / State Civil Litigation

Federal / State Civil Litigation

The State Court Systems and the U.S. Federal Court System are totally independent court systems with different judges that preside over various concerns.

The U.S. Supreme Court is the highest court, and it hears cases and renders rulings that are binding throughout the country. The Supreme Court doesn’t hear every case, and it typically only hears cases where there is a crucial legal issue that needs to be resolved or when state courts have reached divergent conclusions. A qualified litigation attorney in New York can advise you whether you should file in state or federal court.

State courts are courts of general jurisdiction where most people who become involved in a civil case have their dispute heard. State courts oversee cases that arise out of state laws, including tort and contract laws. Federal courts have a much more restricted range of authority. Only specific situations allow them to hear cases. When a matter involves a federal issue or results from federal law, for instance, a federal court may hear the case. When a plaintiff claims that the legal issues in his case are covered by federal law or when there are concerns regarding constitutional rights, a federal court will preside over the case.

States have a great deal of power to regulate behavior within their borders, thus there are fewer federal laws that directly affect your daily life. As a result, there are also fewer civil actions coming from federal laws. The federal government can, however, pass laws that regulate interstate trade.

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