Estate Planning & Probate

Estate Planning & Probate

Everyone should have an estate plan regardless of how much money they make. A well-thought-out estate plan not only lays out your wishes for how your assets should be distributed to your heirs and the courts, but it also shields your loved ones from undue stress and expense and months or even years spent waiting for your estate to be settled in probate court.

Having a good and secure estate plan includes:

  • Name Guardians of Minor Children
  • Establish Life Insurance
  • Have Potential Executors
  • Other legal Directives

Laws governing inheritance are always evolving. While drafting a straightforward will is possible, you must be aware of the factors determining whether a will is valid to avoid family members challenging it.

The estate planning and probate attorneys of Strazzullo Law Firm can help you determine an investment that can save you thousands of dollars in estate taxes as well as money now. A free consultation may well save your family from dealing with Probate Court and realize what you intended for those you love to have in the years to come.

Our experienced and expert estate planning attorneys can help you with full attention in the creation of your but not limited to:

  • Will – The cornerstone of your estate plan is your will, which specifies how you want your assets to be divided. Estate planning in New York can be complicated, so you need an attorney who is an expert in New York law.
  • Power of Attorney – The power of attorney allows someone to handle your business while you’re still alive. For instance, if you cannot handle your accounts or pay your bills, a financial power of attorney may help.
  • Advance Health Directive – If you cannot consciously decide or communicate, an advanced healthcare directive lets the medical community know how you want them to manage your health-related decisions.

The Strazzullo Law Firm, can provide you with a New York estate planning attorney representing a firm that has been fighting for its clients for over 20 years.

Don’t choose just any estate attorney in NYC to help you in your estate planning and avoiding probate.  Speak with a highly qualified New York estate planning attorney — contact Strazzullo Law Firm now.