Child Support & Spousal Support

Child Support & Spousal Support

Child support is ordered after a divorce or other custody battles between parents who will not be living together. This is meant to ensure that the child’s best interests are met through adequate financial support, even when both parents are not physically present with their children.

Payments are based on the income of the parents, and they are a serious financial commitment that needs to be paid. Parents who are late on the payments or refuse to make them can be fined, have wages garnished, or be placed in contempt of court.

A child support attorney in New York can be crucial during these times, which is the reason why Strazzullo Law Firm exists. We help people facing divorce and child and spousal support to receive their deserved assistance.

Modifying Child Support

Strazzullo Law Firm’s child support modification attorneys NY are important when modifications for child support are needed.

If there is ever a problem such as a job loss, sudden health problems, or financial emergency, the parent can’t just stop making the payments or give a lesser amount. They need to schedule a formal hearing with the help of their lawyer to get the judge to put a new order in place for a lesser amount.

Spousal Support and Alimony

Spousal support can be called alimony or spousal maintenance. This is when a person is required to make payments to their former partner during and after a divorce case.

However, spousal support in NYC is not always ordered by a judge after a marriage ends. There must be some kind of demonstrated need because the spouse with less income and assets will not be able to become financially independent.

Spousal support terminates when the time period described in the order ends, the spouse giving or receiving the payments remarries or lives with another person who gives them financial assistance, or upon their death.

The Strazzullo Law Firm can assist you in handling child and spousal support alongside its modifications if needed. We can provide additional advice and guidance related to these issues. Strazzullo Law Firm has an international presence and reputation, including offices in New York, Miami, and Italy. Call us today and let’s handle your case with an expert child support attorney and spousal support lawyer in New York.