Business Law & Corporate Formation

Business Law & Corporate Formation

People decide to start businesses every day, not just in New York but everywhere else. In order to increase the chances of success for the owners and shareholders, it is important for the founders to get legal advice from a business law firm NY and ensure that their business gets started properly.

An important relationship with business law attorneys is important as issues related to contracts, employee relationships, debts and liabilities, and intellectual property emerge and need to be addressed to avoid losses.

Different Types of Incorporation
NYC business law attorneys at Strazzullo Law Firm work competently with people who need to use various methods to incorporate their company. The choice regarding what type of business formation to use is important for future issues related to liability, debt, and ownership.

The state allows businesses to form as corporations, LLCs, LLPs, PLLCs, and non-profit corporations. Nonprofits, in particular, have special rules that must be followed for this type of company to be recognized by the government. The type of incorporation can also have tax consequences when the business files annually.

No matter what type of business you are planning to start, Strazzullo Law Firm has experience for decades already handling such. We always ensure the protection and security of your business, especially when you’re at the stage of formation.

New York Business Attorneys
A business that is starting may need permissions and permits from the government to get its type of business underway. There may be special types of insurance to protect against losses. The regulations particular to the industry will need to be followed to avoid various kinds of fines and sanctions.

It is also possible that disputes with employees, vendors, and contracts will arise, which means that agreements should be drafted to protect the business interests and make the obligations of each party clear.

Business attorneys at Strazzullo Law Firm can help create a plan based on the industry to avoid various liabilities that can affect the normal functioning of the business and result in future financial losses.

The lawyers at Strazzullo Law Firm can meet with anyone who has additional questions about forming or running a business. Strazzullo Law Firm is an international firm with locations in New York, Miami, and Italy. If you need more advice from a New York business attorney and want legal assistance, you can schedule a consultation today.