Living Trusts

Living Trusts

It is said that only two things are certain in life; taxes and death. Eventually, each and every one of us will pass away. While it can be uncomfortable for some people to think about, planning for what happens to your money and assets when you die, and creating a will or living trust, is one of the best ways to ensure that your money and property pass down to the individuals you want to inherit your estate, without having to go into probate.

If you are looking to create a living will, it is important that you hire either a living will and trust attorney or family trust lawyers.

If a living will not be created properly and is not legally binding, your assets can end up in probate court. Probate court is costly, and your estate instead could go somewhere else instead of your family, friends, or charitable organizations where you want the money to go.

A lawyer can help you with your living will in many different ways.

Family trust attorneys can help you by asking specific questions and helping to identify all assets you have that can be passed down to others. This helps to ensure that all of your assets are listed in a living will and accounted for.

A family trust attorney can also write a legally binding will, ensuring that your final wishes are made clear and that the will cannot be challenged. If changes are needed down the road, the lawyer can also help you with those changes.

When you are looking to hire a reputable and knowledgeable living will and trust attorney, our team at Strazzullo Law Firm in New York is here to help you. Reach out to us today to schedule an appointment to start creating your legally binding living will or trust.