Federal / State Civil Litigation

Federal / State Civil Litigation

Both corporations and individuals could find themselves facing civil disputes that require litigation. If you are facing a federal or state civil lawsuit, you want an attorney to help you with your case. This is exactly what a litigation attorney is for.

So, what do we do as civil litigation lawyers, and why should you hire us?

Some of the most common reasons why litigation may be brought up among individual or business owners are due to breach of contract, securities-related issues, partnership disputes, shareholder derivative disputes, environmental protection lawsuits, antitrust claims, claims brought against you by professional licensing boards, whistleblower cases, discrimination cases, fraud cases, including securities fraud and insurance fraud, and real estate litigation.

Suppose a claim has been brought against you for one of these reasons or the other way around. In that case, you need a lawyer who can help you, and this is why you should hire a litigation attorney.

As you can tell, federal and state civil litigation claims are vast and wide-reaching. They can encompass a number of different problems.

An attorney can help you from start to finish and with everything in between. A Brooklyn litigation attorney is familiar with all of these situations and can help you face the lawsuit you are facing, including attempting to settle the case before it goes to trial or taking the case to trial to try to win the case.

If you have been served with a federal or state civil litigation case, it is important that you hire an attorney as quickly as possible. This gives them time to complete the discovery process and prepare a defense.

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