Estate Planning & Probate

Estate Planning & Probate

The difficulty of losing a loved one can be further compounded by facing the challenges of probate. Proper representation by your estate attorney in Bensonhurst can ease the demands of this painful transition.

Estate planning provides the structure for the distribution of assets after death to various allocations. These can include paying debts and medical expenses, and it will also extend to the inheritances you want to leave to loved ones.

Another important facet of these plans is that they can protect you in the event that you become incapacitated. This type of arrangement can take the form of a living will that facilitates your care, and you will be able to allocate someone to oversee decisions on your behalf.

Your Bensonhurst estate planning attorney must be knowledgeable to help you navigate Medicaid and to obtain financial provisions for long or short-term care.

Estate planning in Bensonhurst involves the drafting of documents to outline your wishes, and these will need to be updated when significant life changes occur, such as the birth of grandchildren or if you get married or divorced.

These can include your last will and testament in which you name whoever you wish to be the guardian over your children and power of attorney to make decisions should you become unable.

An estate with a last will and testament enters into a process called probate to determine its validity and appoint a representative to manage future proceedings. When no such legal instrument exists, this procedure is carried out through administration.

The role of executor or administrator comes with responsibilities that must be carried out in a responsible fashion, and this includes acting in everyone’s best interests, accounting for their actions, and keeping an accurate inventory.

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