Elder Law & Medicaid

Elder Law & Medicaid

Planning ahead is essential to securing the necessary provisions for long-term care as one grows older. Your Medicaid attorney in Brooklyn can help guide you in this process.

Medicaid is government-provided assistance that extends to nursing home stays and is for those in a lower income bracket. It has a 5-year lookback period during which finances are considered for nursing home admittance and may mean an individual will be denied coverage unless non-exempt assets were placed in a particular category of irrevocable living trust beforehand.

Assets that are typically counted toward Medicaid eligibility include second homes, investment accounts, savings, and income. Claimants’ personal property, vehicle, and burial funds, for example, from a life insurance policy, are typically exempt.

Further, Medicaid will usually require that a primary residence, if still in the patient’s name, be used for reimbursement purposes and subjected to a claim or lien unless placed in a Medicaid trust.

Elder law focuses on the intricacies of issues that relate to older citizens in ensuring proper legal protection. Not all clients are the same, and attention to detail is a must, placing their rights at the forefront. This includes advocating for the disabled and ties into estate planning, guardianship laws, special needs trust, pooled trusts, and social security.

An attorney safeguards your interests, as issues relating to elders can result in contentious disputes among family members. An elder’s life savings may also be at risk when navigating this complex area of financial management. Additionally, the application procedures can be stressful for families and another hurdle to getting Medicaid long term care in Bensonhurst without adequate legal guidance.

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