Condo Development & Conversion

Condo Development & Conversion

When navigating the various aspects of condo development and conversion, your condo real estate attorney can safeguard your investments and assets by providing specialized advice and legal guidance tailored to the nature of your case.

It’s vital to have the correct permits and permission from the legislative agencies involved and to make sure that you and your team are operating within the regulations set forth by your jurisdiction.

Building owners and developers benefit from condo general counsel when working through the process to secure condominium ownership from real property. Your co op law firm can also provide the service of developing the offering prospectus with the details regarding your pricing schedule and exhibits, making sure to file these documents with the Attorney General.

No two endeavors are the same. You need a legal team known for attentiveness to detail and who will persevere from start to finish, as the entire operation will take time.

After your condominium has been created, ownership must be transferred, units must be sold when the certificate of occupancy has been received, and the offering plan is accepted.

Sometimes the complexities of your endeavor are increased when the site is hosting or is adjacent to shared parking, retail outlets, or office space. These demands also mean that multiple interests must be successfully considered to create a mutually beneficial arrangement.

Clients can include but are not limited to developers, boards, investors, sponsors, loan participants and servicers, and asset managers for a variety of scenarios. These can include the acquisition of a vast portfolio of properties to develop, ensuring compliance with regulatory statutes, overseeing financing procedures and the acquisition of loans, working within governmental zoning laws and public spaces, and more.

For assistance in every area regarding condo development and conversation, Strazzullo Law Firm offers clients superior service and years of experience. We invite you to contact us for a consultation to discuss your plans, and we encourage you to call to make an appointment.