Real Estate

Real Estate

Do you need assistance buying your dream home or second property in NYC? Are you looking for representation in a dispute over property that you’ve rented or are looking to purchase or sell?

We have Bay Ridge real estate attorneys who can help you with every step of the process and understand and protect your legal rights.

In pursuing your real estate dreams and completing the transactions to make those dreams a reality, our goal is to help you get what you paid for or to get every penny your property is worth.

A Bay Ridge real estate lawyer at the Strazzullo Law Firm will help you navigate the sale from contract to closing and handle all the paperwork in your real estate transaction. We can help you find not just the right property to buy, rent, or the right buyer for your property but the right guidance throughout the real estate process.

As the prospective owner, you have the right to be apprised of the condition of your new property and all issues resolved. As a seller, you should know everything your future buyer will need about your property. Once the deal is agreed upon, we will draft and review deeds and closures to make sure the deal represents the wishes of both parties.

We will help with title insurance and financing to help to get the best terms for our clients. We also represent renters for leases and loans and negotiate with landlords.
Get a Brooklyn real estate attorney on your side. We represent our clients in every venue, from the boardroom to the courtroom.

You can have confidence that we will resolve any differences and protect your interests. Call the Strazzullo Law Firm today to set up an appointment to discuss your needs and learn more about how we can help.