Estate Planning & Probate

Estate Planning & Probate

When people seek the help of an estate attorney in Bay Ridge for the first time, they have many questions. At the Strazullo Law Firm, we take all the time it needs to ensure they feel confident that their will carries out their wishes after they are gone.

In many cases, we start at the beginning, explaining that probate is the legal process wherein their Brooklyn estate planning attorney will present their will to the county’s Surrogate Court. If the judge approves it, their assets, property, and possessions will be redistributed to those named once all the debts have been paid off.

One of the first questions is how long probate will take. Our answer is, “it all depends.” If all the heirs can be located, no one contests the will, there are no debts, and no appraisals are needed, the process can be completed in three to six months.

If the case is more complex, such as if the will is contested or there is no will at all, it can take years. While no one can pinpoint the exact time, careful estate planning in Bay Ridge can help cross all the t’s and dot all the i’s. And this requires several documents.

A will requires careful thought since it will live after the person dies, dictating the inheritance of each person named in it. The will also expresses the wishes of the deceased as to who will serve as an executor, carrying out the provisions of the will after paying off any outstanding debts.

This document determines who will oversee their financial affairs on their behalf should they become incapacitated in any way. This is another choice that requires a lot of thought since it should be someone with whom they can place their absolute trust – a spouse, sibling, or any other responsible individual.

Like the powers of attorney document, the living will and health care proxy require trust since the person they are choosing will be honoring their wishes regarding which medical treatments to allow and which to forego should a day come when they will not be able to voice their wishes for themselves.

We realize many people put off making a will out of fear. That is why every Brooklyn Estate Planning Attorney at Strazzullo Law sits down and explains the process in layman’s terms. The same is true of our estate planning attorneys in the Strazzullo offices in Manhattan, Miami, Florida, and Napoli, Italia. Call us today, and let’s help you handle your estate plan and probate case.