When the time comes for a married couple to legally part ways, they go through a divorce, and a judge must decree it. Divorce is a process between married couples that can last up to a year or more if it becomes a complicated case. Before you go for divorce in Brooklyn, you should seek the guidance of a divorce lawyer.

Before you can be officially divorced in New York, you must have been separated from your spouse for an entire calendar year. This means living in separate residences away from each other. Once moved, one of the parties will file for divorce through the court system, and the other will be served with divorce papers.

While you can file independently without a lawyer, the process is tedious and is not easy to navigate. With the help of a divorce lawyer, they can help you how to file for divorce in Brooklyn and file the documentation on your behalf.

Both parties will need to come together for mediation purposes. At this time, any property that is shared, custody of children, and businesses owned, will be discussed with an agreement on how the custody and property disbursement will be moving forward. Once agreements have been met, the divorce lawyers will present the agreement from mediation to the judge, who will also agree to the terms if they are fair and rule the divorce as final.

Some cases require intense mediation, but some divorces are not as intense. If you have an uncontested divorce and would like a lawyer to assist with the filing, that is the best option.

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