Condo Development & Conversion

Condo Development & Conversion

You may have found that condo life is growing substantially. In order to properly navigate condo development and conversion, these processes are best done with a team of real estate lawyers that put their clients first and guide them through the process at each step.

This grueling process includes input and demands from all parties involved in the condo implementation, which is why a condo real estate attorney is essential.

In the beginning, the development of the condominium and the community. In order to get permission to begin building these condos, it is essential to know the zoning laws and ordinances in place in these areas. A condo general counsel can save you much time later during the inspection.

If you are converting an existing property to a condominium, there are also permits and regulations that will need to be reviewed and followed before you start construction. In some cases, developers have had to go back and spend a lot of money and time redoing work they were not anticipating and costing them money.

Some of the cases that can generate from condo development and conversion include taxation issues and issues with property owners. Taxation is more common with conversion properties that may not have been filed appropriately and can affect taxation until the property is updated correctly.

If you are ready to develop a property, invest in a property, or purchase a condo conversion, a condo real estate attorney at the Strazzullo Law Firm is ready to assist you. Our co op law firm can assist you with any of your needs regarding condo development and conversion due to our experience in this area and the many cases we have counseled over the years. Call us today to learn more.