Commercial Real Estate

Commercial Real Estate

Every year, thousands of new businesses employing tens of thousands of people open in New York. Success in the New York business world requires a good business plan and expert advice on all aspects of the law.

As a commercial real estate law firm in Bay Ridge, the Strazzullo Law Firm will help guide you through the steps and nuances of real estate law in the world’s largest and most diverse commercial real estate market. Our founder has worked with some of the most prestigious banks in the world in selling, leasing, and buying commercial real estate. Our specialists in commercial real estate can help make your dream business a reality.

Commercial real estate requires an advocate with expertise in zoning, leasing, purchasing, and selling commercial property. Whether your company is buying its first storefront, moving to a new location after expansion, or opening a second or other new location, a commercial real estate attorney with the experience of navigating the legal realities around your impending purchase is a must.

From the beginning of your project, we will help you negotiate the terms of your deal; once the terms are agreed upon, our lawyers draft and review your contract and ensure that it accurately reflects the agreement.

Once your deal has been agreed upon, we guide you through the process of due diligence on the property before the transaction is closed, ensuring that you understand and take all the steps between you and proudly hold the keys to your new business.

In a city that never sleeps, our team is at your beck and call to ensure that you get the proper advice for your business in every aspect of your real estate needs, 24/7. Get an experienced commercial real estate lawyer in Bay Ridge on your side. Schedule an appointment with Strazzullo Law Firm today.