Child Custody & Visitation

Child Custody & Visitation

Child custody and visitation are a direct result of divorce proceedings. Because the parents’ separation will directly impact the children’s welfare, it is crucial that the effects are mitigated by an amiable set up between the parents.

A clear decision must be made as to which parent will be the primary custodian of the children. The number of hours or days that each parent can have with the children must also be addressed, on top of deciding on their education, healthcare, and even what kind of religion they will practice.

A child custody attorney in Bay Ridge can help ensure that the best interests of the child will be prioritized and protected throughout this process.

During child custody proceedings, things may get contentious and stressful for all parties involved. That’s why child custody attorneys in Bay Ridge are there to facilitate the negotiation of terms between the divorcing parents.

While the matter of child custody and visitation can theoretically be settled among themselves, there are cases when the disagreement between the couple gets so intense that amicable negotiation seems impossible.

In this case, the matter can be brought up to the court, which will then hear both sides before making a judgment. Once the judge decides on the child custody and visitation terms, the parents must make sure to abide by the court judgment or otherwise be penalized.

A Bay Ridge child custody lawyer from Strazullo Law Firm is in a great position to help you get the terms you want for child custody.

From details of custody and visitation to child support or any adjustments that may have to be made on account of changes in the parent’s living conditions, a child custody lawyer can be there to help the parents sort it out.

Get a child custody lawyer from Strazullo Law Firm to get the help and representation you need. Rest assured that your child’s best interests will be prioritized above everything else.