Buying or Selling a Home

Buying or Selling a Home

What can real estate lawyers do? How can a real estate law consultation and a Bay Ridge real estate litigation lawyer assist you in buying or selling a home?

Buying or selling a home in Brooklyn with a real estate lawyer can serve as your guidance from a legal professional who can facilitate and avoid unforeseen events throughout the process. Because buying or selling a home still involves a series of laws and terms that need to be respected and complied with to ensure a successful closing.

The real estate transaction process, be it the purchasing or selling of a house, also implies the delivery of various documents such as a deed, title, and title insurance policy, bills of sale legal descriptions, mortgage loan documents, and plat of survey. Furthermore, it is necessary to be aware of construction rights, land rights, and mineral rights, as these elements will be included in the transaction.

The closing part of buying or selling a home is similarly complex to the other steps, as it requires the registration of various documents, transfer fees already paid, insurance requirements, and other problems with the property being adjusted. Other unforeseen events may arise, for example, variations in the tax rate or a conflict at the time of delivering possession and personal property.

A Bay Ridge real estate litigation lawyer will be able to represent your interests and protect your rights during a real estate transaction, analyzing and reviewing the terms of your contract, especially when it was written by someone else, ensuring that all contractual clauses are preserved and honored.

Strazzullo Law Firm is experienced and proven in the real estate market, with more than 20 years of experience representing individuals in the purchase or sale of properties in different locations such as Brooklyn, New York, Miami, FL, and Napoli, Italia.

Strazzulo’s real estate litigation lawyer’s service is complete, ranging from reviewing and pointing out possible changes to the contract to real estate law consultation and a critical analysis of the owner’s property title.

Do you want to buy or sell a home and ensure that your rights and interests are protected? Get in touch with one of our real estate litigation attorneys now.