Jason is a practicing lawyer not just in the State of New York but also in the State of New Jersey. Soon, he will also begin to practice law in the State of Connecticut.

Today, Jason is an Associate Attorney at Law and the Manager of the Billing Department in the Strazzullo Law Firm. He represents clients in various cases, including criminal cases, family law matters, and business and commercial contracts. He also manages, utilizes and organizes billing software, prepares retainers, sends invoices, and collects retainer payments.

In May 2019, Jason finished his degree in law at New York Law School with an Advocacy Certificate. During his stay at NYU, he exposes himself to various activities, including joining NYU’s Criminal Law Society, Trial Team, and Texas Young Lawyers Association Competition — Jason is indeed a competitive one. Initial to this, Jason finished a Bachelor of Arts, Photography in Bard College, NY, and studied Mandarin abroad at Qingdao University in China. His fluency in Mandarin Chinese allowed him to have a 10-year instruction experience.

From the 2014 Spring to the 2015 Summer, Jason was an Anti-Piracy Coordinator in the Universal Music Group in New York. He communicated with artists whose artwork and songs were being pirated. He worked with label executives, intellectual property lawyers, INTERPOL, and IFPI to protect digital and physical assets.

In the summer of 2016, he became a volunteer in the Greenwich Land Trust, where he reviewed and organized deeds in connection with preparing a detailed deed restriction spreadsheet.

Under Creizman LLC in New York, Jason became a legal intern from Spring to Summer 2018. He participated in client intake meetings, conducted legal research, interfaced with prison and court personnel, and calculated clients’ income derived from the treatment of pain patients by conducting a detailed analysis of thousands of pages of bank and credit card statements.

As a law student, he took his internship at New York Law School Criminal Defense Clinic from the Fall of 2018 – the spring of 2019. During his internship, he represented clients and appeared on the record in New York City Criminal Court. He conducted client and witness interviews, investigated, reviewed discovery material, drafted, filed, and served omnibus motions. He was able to represent a client in an application to seal a prior criminal conviction under 160.59 and made a 30.30 motion that resulted in dismissal.